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Congrats to the following Orleans Parish Medical Society members celebrating 50 years as physicians at the Orleans Medical Society Alliance’s Annual ‘Doctors’ Day Celebration’: (sitting left to right) Larry Hollier, M.D.; Raoult Ratard, M.D.; (standing) Philip Daroca, M.D.; Roger Smith, M.D.; Hebert Marks, M.D.; Kenneth Adatto, M.D..

Doctors Day MDs

Roger Smith, MD, (center) ‘03 President, Orleans Parish Medical Society, was honored on Sunday, April 22, 2018, for 50 years as a physician by George Ellis, MD (left) 2018-‘19 President, and Royce Dean Yount, MD, 2016-‘17 President, at the Orleans Medical Society Alliance annual ‘Doctors’ Day Celebration’.

Ellis Smith Yount