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Council of Governors

Council of Governors

James Aiken, MD*

Ann Borreson, MD

Patrick Breaux, MD*

Floyd Buras, MD*

William Daly, MD*

George Ellis, MD

Viviana Falco, MD

Cathi Fontenot, MD

John Heaton, MD

Charles Hilton, MD

Myra Kleinpeter, MD*

William LaCorte, MD

Gabriella Pridjian, MD

Mehdi Qalbani, MD

Daniel Raines, MD

Jay Shames, MD*

Roger Smith, MD*

Louis Trachtman, MD*

Michael Wheelis, MD

Royce Dean Yount, MD*

Medical Student Representatives

Blake Denley

Shana Zucker

First District Councilor & Alternate Councilor

George S. Ellis, Jr., MD

Juan Gershanik, MD

*past President