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We invite you to become a member of the Orleans Parish Medical Society (OPMS)! This signifies your decision to identify and associate with an organization that represents all physicians, regardless of specialty. Your decision to join the OPMS helps make the voice of all physicians heard.

The OPMS offers a wide array of programs and services that help improve the practice of medicine for our members.

We are committed to providing the best for you and your patients by:

  • Protecting liability statutes and insurance market stability
  • Addressing regulatory and bureaucratic intrusion and intervening with third-party payers
  • Monitoring Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement and future funding
  • Advocating medicine’s priority issues at City Hall
  • Advocating health care system reform
  • Protecting the scope of medicine
  • Partnering with local, state and national health-related organization to ensure member voices are heard
  • Focusing on the future of medical education

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Become a member and be a part of the dynamic network of medical students, residents and clinicians who represent organized medicine at its best.

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Why membership in OPMS is important to NOLA physicians

Members proudly discuss some of the many benefits of joining Orleans Parish Medical Society.


Established over 140 years ago, Orleans Parish Medical Society has always played an important role in supporting the unique needs of physicians and their patients in the Greater New Orleans area," - said George S. Ellis, Jr., M.D., 2018-2019 President, OPMS.

When it comes to providing healthcare, there’s no city in the U.S. or the world that deals with more unique environmental, sociological and cultural challenges than those experienced by New Orleans, Louisiana, its physicians and their patients. Orleans Parish Medical Society (OPMS) plays an important role in helping to support the unique needs of the area’s physicians and the many patients that they serve.

Membership in Orleans Parish Medical Society is important to me because for almost 50 years now I have been able to share ideas, short term and long term professional dreams, dialogues, and collegiality with literally hundreds of other physicians in New Orleans,” – said Louis Trachtman, M.D. “ I could not have chosen a better venue to do this very early on in my medical career."

Founded in 1878, the mission of Orleans Parish Medical Society remains to serve as the voice of and advocate for the medical profession in the Greater New Orleans area for the benefit of patients and the community, and to be the primary proponent of the ethical practice of medicine.

Ask any of Orleans Parish Medical Society's 420+ members what membership means to them and they will be happy to tell you.

Orleans Parish Medical Society has given me a platform and opportunity to push for public health changes that I believe will benefit our population,” – said Juan Gershanik, M.D., 2018-2019 President-Elect, OPMS. 

OPMS membership provides physicians and medical students with:

  1. a reliable source of information on issues that affect their practices;

  2. an unbiased forum for professional unity through opportunities to network with colleagues in every medical specialty and practice setting at OPMS-sponsored CME and social events;

  3. an educational resource for physicians and their practice managers on medical practice issues;

  4. an advocacy platform for improving the practice of medicine and the overall health of the Greater New Orleans Area.

Orleans Parish Medical Society provides members with opportunity to become acquainted with other physicians in the community which helps increase practice referrals,” – said Frank Hall Wagner, M.D. “Similar to a hallway consult, membership in OPMS gives physicians a chance to improve practice skills by learning from older physicians.”


Partnering with Jefferson Parish Medical Society to meet member needs:

Since 1878, OPMS has played an important role in representing and supporting the unique needs of physicians, residents and medical students living and working in the Orleans and St. Bernard Parishes. Now, Orleans and Jefferson Parish Medical Societies partner in efforts to best serve members throughout the Greater New Orleans Area.

We are proud of our history and excited for the future as we work closely with Jefferson Parish Medical Society to benefit the citizens of our region and the people who deliver the healthcare for them,” said Dr. Ellis.

Both organizations share common goals to:

  • assist in the advancement of medical science;

  • improve the delivery of medical care in Orleans, Jefferson and surrounding parishes;

  • assist governmental agencies in the development of policy effecting the citizens of our region;

  • provide timely health education and information to those living and practicing medicine in the region;

  • provide medical services to citizens of the Greater New Orleans Area in times of disaster;

  • and further medical education.

Membership in Orleans Parish Medical Society is important to me because they work collaboratively with Jefferson Parish Medical Society and Louisiana State Medical Society to keep me in the loop regarding legislative issues that might impact my practice.” – said Thea Moran, M.D.

OPMS meetings are a great opportunity to network with some of the finest local physicians of every specialty.” – said James Riopelle, M.D.


Learn more about the OPMS mission:

Physicians, residents and medical students interested in learning more about the OPMS mission, news/updates, CME and networking events, and advocacy efforts are encouraged to like/follow OPMS on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter ( and visit for more information and to enroll.

Orleans Parish Medical Society provides ways for physicians and medical students to help improve the delivery of medical care and bring the best to patients and fellow healthcare workers,” – said Dr. Gershanik. “OPMS is a voice for physician ideas and concerns in the quest to reach an optimal system of health care for the Greater New Orleans Area.”