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Emergency Medical Services
This Committee performs administrative duties or donated services with the Orleans Parish emergency services system, including without limitation, advice, instructions, or other duties regarding policy, protocol, administration, and efficiency of the emergency medical services system as allowed by Louisiana state laws. The committee works with the appropriate City and State authorities in establishing plans to provide medical aid in the event of man-made or natural disasters. This committee meets as needed.

Governmental Affairs
This committee's function encompasses all matters that pertain to public policy and enactment of legislation concerning public welfare and health. It investigates the enactment, repeal or modification of state laws and city ordinances relating to medical interests and makes proper recommendations. It cooperates with the Council on Legislation of the Louisiana State Medical Society in all matters of legislation affecting the welfare of the profession throughout the state. It is also a function of this committee to develop legislative forums to allow discussion between OPMS members and elected officials. This committee meets as needed.

At the request of either the President or the Executive Committee, it assists in the investigation of charges against members relative to ethics and discipline in accordance with the by-laws, including the promulgating of such rules and regulations as are consistent with that section. It may also investigate general professional conditions and matters pertaining to the relations of physicians to one another and the public. The Judiciary Committee has been asked to review the Society's procedure for handling complaints from the public to ensure that it receives an appropriate review. Meets as needed.

Long-Range Planning Task Force
The Long-Range Planning Task force will coordinate the review and implementation of the Society's strategic plan to ensure that the Society maintains relevance to its members. By using the current strategic plan as its framework, the task force will ensure that each of the major issues proposed will be evaluated during the coming year. Meets as needed.

Medical Practice Committee
The Medical Practice Committee will evaluate the Society's medical practice services offered to members, has developed a dialogue with managed care organizations, and will consider a liaison role with other third-party payors, and write articles for New Orleans Physician on practice management issues.

Membership Committee
This committee shall be responsible for providing input regarding programs, services, or other membership related activities and coordinating their efforts with other committees of the Society for the benefit of membership recruitment and retention. In addition this year, the Membership Committee will be responsible for considering the issues surrounding the public image of physicians and how the Society might work to improve that image. It reviews all applications and investigates the professional, moral and ethical qualifications of all applicants for membership. Meets as needed.

Public Health
This committee considers all matters pertaining to health in the community, and cooperates with the New Orleans Health Department in all matters pertaining to public health within the jurisdiction of this Society. It is available for consultation in pertinent matters with the city, State and Federal Health Services. Meets as needed.

This Committee shall consist of at least three members selected from the various fields of medicine with special interest and/or expertise in the applications of technology in the medical practice and patient care arenas. It shall evaluate the uses of technology in the medical practice and patient care arena and make recommendations regarding the Society’s role in development of educational programs and/or provision of services to the entire membership which would facilitate their understanding and use of technology in their practices and for personal use. It shall be available for consultation to the membership on related matters.

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